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Marketing leadership, processes, and systems
Develop in-house marketing expertise so you don't have to rely on outourced vendors. I'll help you build a minimum viable marketing team that delivers results and pays for itself.
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Are you facing any of these
marketing challenges?

My business isn’t growing like I know it can.

My website doesn’t attract the right audience.

I spend money on marketing that doesn’t work.

I’m tired of marketers who don’t understand my business.

Marketing has changed.

If you don’t adapt, you’ll get left behind.

It used to be simple: You could spend a bit of money on campaigns and you’d get leads. Money in, leads out, simple as that. But now you’re spending money and your leads are far fewer, if you’re getting any at all. The old way isn’t working anymore, and it’s time for a change.

Traditional marketing only worked if you distracted your target buyer from their everyday routine and convinced them to make a purchase. The problem is, we’re all busy people and no one wants to be distracted any more. We’ve gotten less tolerant of this noise and much better at tuning it out.

There’s a far more effective way to market your business.

Rather than disrupting your ideal buyers, the key is to provide valuable information that draws them to you. They’ll have questions before they make any purchasing decision. If you provide them with the answers and empower them with knowledge, you will earn their trust.

People do business with those they trust.

To earn trust and gain credibility from your ideal buyers, your content must be useful. Churning out subpar content won’t work. It has to give correct and timely answers to the questions people are asking. It must also be optimized so that Google knows that it’s the best information online. There are no shortcuts. Quality content wins.

So how can you go about creating quality content that attracts your ideal buyers?

Marketing agencies and freelancers can help, but they have to balance the workload of all of their clients. Creating unique and useful content for everyone simply doesn’t scale, so it’s easy for your business to just become a number. High volume almost never translates into high quality.

It’s time for a different approach.

I go the opposite direction from the volume game by working with only 3-4 clients at a time. This way, I ensure my clients are putting out quality content all the time. If you partner with me, I will take the time to understand your business and your ideal buyers, so that together we can develop your brand messaging and content strategy.

Once the strategy is in place, I’ll work alongside you and your team to build an effective website and inbound marketing system that creates useful and valuable content, consistently. I become a member of your team, with responsibilities and ownership, rather than just another outsourced vendor.

If you’re ready for a change, let’s have a non-sales call and see how I can help.

You deserve a better kind of marketing

Here's how we'll grow your business, together.

Strategic focus

We’ll have 1:1 meetings where we define your goals and develop a marketing strategy that's tailored just for you.

Connected and aligned

I'll work with the key members of your leadership team and create an execution plan that works for everyone.

No long-term contracts

Our partnership lasts only as long as you’re benefiting. I'm here for you as long as you need me, but you're never locked in.

What is a fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is an expert marketing strategist who dedicates a fixed amount of time to a business in a given month. As a leader in your c-suite, a fractional CMO can drive initiatives forward in a way that a less experienced hire or an outsourced vendor never could.
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How does it work?

Once you and I confirm we’re a good fit for one another, I will join as an internal leader — driving initiatives, leading meetings, and collaborating with other teams — but without the expense and obligations of a full-time hire.

Full-time vs. Fractional

By reducing your executive headcount, you eliminate the risk and expense of a bad-fit full-time hire. This saves money on the salary, benefits, insurance, bonuses, and other costs associated with hiring for leadership roles.
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Getting started is easy

Have a no-obligation call

We’ll discuss your business and goals to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Develop a plan together

We’ll create a marketing plan and growth strategy based on your goals.

Execute our plan and grow

I'll lead the marketing team so we can achieve the results you've always wanted.

Our leads have grown immensely since working with Scott. We’ve gone from having zero prospects to a healthy population of contacts with whom we connect through our lead magnets. The number of contact forms or inbound requests we receive has increased to the point where I’ve had to hire more staff.

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Mark Friedman

Managing Director,

 Baan Thai Immigration Solutions

How a fractional CMO will help grow your business

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. It’s also a waste of time and money. I will give you a strategic advantage by helping develop your brand messaging, identify your ideal customers, and produce content that meets their needs.

Conversion-Focused Website

Conversion-Focused Website

Successful marketing needs an online platform that attracts your ideal audience and offers a clear path to conversion. I will rebuild your website using the latest best practices in user behavior, SEO, analytics, and web design.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

I will work with you to plan content that delivers value to your ideal audience, drawing them in rather than shouting for their attention — content that answers the questions your prospects are asking so you can earn their trust and win their business.

Repeatable Marketing System

Repeatable Marketing System

To capture leads consistently, it's important to have a method that you can stick to. I will create 90-day campaigns that deliver results and are easy to manage, and they’ll help you find and manage skilled people to execute them.

Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection

If you don’t have internal resources, I will recommend vendors and freelancers who can perform all the execution tasks. Depending on your engagement level, they can manage and oversee the vendor relationships.



As your marketing pays for itself, I will help you identify positions to bring in-house. I will help with job descriptions, interview questions, and applicant reviews so we can build an unstoppable marketing team.

What I'll provide to your team

Business Owners

Business owners trust me to lead their marketing strategy so they can stop wearing so many hats and focus on their business.

Internal Marketers

Internal marketers and content producers get the strategic direction and guidance they've always wanted.

Sales Team

Sales reps get more appointments booked thanks to more effective and highly targeted inbound marketing campaigns.

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Your accountable marketing leader

I’ll work with you to build the marketing team and systems that your business needs. No more guesswork. You’ll finally get to take the burden off your shoulders and reach the growth you know your business is capable of achieving.

Hubspot Certified
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GlassHive Partner

Google Analytics Certified

Execution by marketing experts

We'll build a small foundational team, supplemented by my network of talented specialists.

Marketing leaders solve
critical business challenges.

Without a CMO

With a CMO

What clients say

We feel our messaging is very targeted now. The process helped us really define our target market and make our messaging very specific. Our leads have become regular – around one per week, just from our website.

Jamie Lustfield

Account Manager,

 A Couple of Gurus

Scott will take you through foundational work so that you can better understand the clients your company is pursuing. That foundational work is incredibly important and valuable.

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Mark Friedman

Managing Director,

 Baan Thai

Working with our fractional CMO got us to focus on what makes us different and how to get that message across. We’re now able to expand our messaging to target the specific industries that align with our long-term goals.

Jason Buckley


 Jasco Technology

founding member

Growth Connect

I’m part of an international network of fractional CMOs. We use a proven method to help mid-sized businesses grow.